In 2014 Jim Graves MUST send Bachmann to her political grave.


Rep. Bachmann launched a huge TV ad buy yesterday in Minnesota. Yes, that is correct. That is not a typo. 17 months before the 2014 election, she is starting the lunatic smears. In my view, it shows that she is scared and is looking to start spouting her crazy views early to try and get a head start on things since she is entering a rematch against Jim Graves, who came so close to saving Minnesota’s 6th District from the continuing nutjob Bachmann side show they have been victims of since 2007.

Yes, Jim came within just one point of defeating her last year. We can’t concede anything, we have to help Jim Graves keep up with her so that he can beat her and put an end to her lunacy. Buying television ads in May of a non-election year is very unusual move, but we need to help Jim Graves match her dollar for dollar. I don’t live in Minnesota anymore, but I care about Minnesota, it is like a second home to me and I visit often. I am going to help and you should too. Click the link below to donate to this important cause and this excellent candidate. Jim Graves will defeat Bachmann in 2014 if we help him!


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