R-Zone Google Glass Prank

In 1995, Tiger Electronics released a wearable video game system called the R-Zone.  I remember I always wanted one.  R-Zone and the Nintendo Virtual Boy were two “Virtual Reality” type systems I swooned for.  I never got an R-Zone, but I did end up getting a Virtual Boy after it was discontinued and the price dropped dramatically.  But anyway, in retrospect, Virtual Boy… Flop  and the  R-Zone… It was a flop — and obviously way ahead of its time.

Fast forward to 2013, the year of Google Glass, the modern shot at human/Internet singularity, and one of the creepiest technologies ever invented. Many have heard about Glass, but few have seen it in the wild.  So Mashable sent comedian and Internet star Mark Malkoff onto the mean streets of New York City with a Google t-shirt and an R-Zone strapped to his face. Can he fool people into believing this 8-bit monstrosity is really Glass?  Watch the video and find out:


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