St Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis vs Jim Graves?

St Cloud’s mayor against another St Cloud native, Jim Graves? It could happen.  One of the names now being tossed around as a potential Republican to run in Minnesota’s 6th District in 2014 is Dave Kleis, mayor of that slice of progressive paradise (not really… it is a crap hole) St Cloud, Minnesota.  In my view, it would be an easy win for Graves thank goodness.

Mayor Kleis isn’t used to running against opponents, he seems to run unopposed for reelection quite often, so he would be ill prepared to run against an actual opponent in a district-wide election for a national office. I ran against Kleis as a write-in candidate in the 2008 St Cloud Mayoral race before changing my mind and not actively campaigning…

Those backwards, right wing St Cloud townies sure made me feel welcome with their mud-slinging and name calling. I made it to the front page of the St Cloud Times. What started as me saying “I will run as a write-in candidate” in the comments section of an article turned into this big thing around town where I was interviewed by the paper and they ran multiple stories on me.

I hope Graves beats whomever he ends up running against. I am happy the Bachmann circus will be ending.


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