Graves says “Mission Accomplished”

Friends of Minnesota, as of today, Jim Graves is going to indefinitely suspend his campaign for Congress for the 6th District.  With Michele Bachmann stepping down he believes that since there is no one more radical than Michele Bachmann that would be voted in during an election, so he can step down knowing that anyone is better than her. 

“Basically, after all that’s gone on, and with Michele Bachmann now stepping down, I’ve been talking to my friends and family and frankly, the feeling is, ‘Mission Accomplished.’ She wasn’t representing the people of the 6th District appropriately, and now she won’t be representing them. There’s no way anyone could run and win who would be worse than Michele Bachmann. So we accomplished that task.”

Graves said in a phone call with a MinnPost reporter that he entered his brief political fling with the hopes of  emphasizing three or four qualities and ideas that he felt were the opposite of Bachmann’s approach.

1.Bachmann demonizes those with whom she disagrees. He believes in civility.

2.Bachmann constantly misstates the facts. He believes in being careful and rigorous about the factual basis for the positions he advocates.

3.Bachmann thrives on gridlock, believing that preventing the Democrats from accomplishing anything is goal enough. He believes in trying to find solutions to problems, even if you have to compromise with those advocating different solutions in order to make progress.

Graves was asked whether his decision was shaped by the thoughts that, while he had a fair shot at defeating Bachmann, his chances against a less radical Republican were not very strong, because the 6th District has such a strong Republican lean. He did not say yes or no. He emphasized that Amy Klobuchar has done very well in the district in both of her Senate races. She is a Democrat, but uses a much more constructive approach in her political dealings. 

At the end of the day, Bachmann is leaving and the 6th District of Minnesota, along with the entire country, is going to be much better without her in office.



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