How to finally (hopefully) stop an annoying daily call

This overseas call center keeps number spoofing my phone (illegal) and calling me even though I am on the no-call registry (illegal).  They say they are calling for Howard Daniels and that my payday loan is pre-approved.  First off, I am not Howard Daniels.  I do not know a Howard Daniels.  I have had the same phone number since May 2009.  Second, I don’t need a payday loan.

They call a dozen times an hour on some days.  I tell them there is no Howard at my number, they either say “sorry” and hang up, or they just hang up.  Oh, but then they call back 2 minutes later.  Finally today I tried a new approach, which I later explained to my wife in an email in which the words of the caller are in quotes:


It has been 20 minutes since I told the callers about Howard being deceased and they haven’t called back again.  Crap, I hope i didn’t just jinx it.


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