Wisconsin’s 2nd District. THE FIGHTIN’ SECOND!!!!

My congressman, Mark Pocan, was on The Colbert Report on Monday. So Cool!


Prior to introducing Pocan, Colbert pointed out some well-known favorites for those of us who reside in the state’s 2nd Congressional District.

He described Madison as “famously one of the most liberal cities in America,” trailing only San Francisco, Austin, and “Meat-is-Murder, Ore.”

The 2nd District is also where the Ringling Brothers created the “Greatest Show on Earth” … “according to people who have never left Wisconsin,” Colbert told the audience.

The district also includes a portion of the Wisconsin Dells, home to Noah’s Ark, officially the largest water park in America and “unofficially America’s largest open-air Porta-Potty.”

As for Madison’s well-established Dane County Farmers’ Market? Well, that was just another opportunity for Colbert to make another gay joke, this time at the expense of cheese.

“Cheese curds — no offense — is the gayest cheese,” Colbert said. “They squeak when you bite them, just like gay people do.”


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