Some gave the usual responses… but some also got it right

After today’s SCOTUS ruling, there were plenty of responses from those in the religious world that were defiant against the ruling, spitting the same old worn out misinterpretations of bible verses while also not admitting that how the government treats the act of CIVIL MARRIAGE is not actually a war on their “religious freedom” since, wow, I am still just as free to practice my religion as I was when I woke up this morning, last week, last year, and three decades ago…  Not sure how allowing loving couples the ability to file taxes jointly, share social security benefits, and other CIVIL things affects ANYONE outside of each specific household… But what do I know… I guess common decency and loving thy neighbor and not judging people only seems to be important when it is on the religious organizations own terms?

Anyway, some people in the religious business got it right today:

Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church, wrote:

I join with millions of Christians across the country in celebrating today’s Supreme Court rulings that extend equal protection under federal law to all marriages and allow marriage equality to resume in California. We are moving ever closer to civil laws that recognize the God-given dignity and equality of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers.

Today’s rulings will allow more people of all faiths to see what we in the Episcopal Church have seen for decades: Same-sex couples and their families are evidence of the goodness of God’s creation. They bless our congregations and communities immeasurably, and we have all learned from their steadfast love for one another and the evidence of God’s goodness that they show us.

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, wrote:

Scripture teaches us that God shows no partiality. Today our country has moved closer to this vision of equality and unity, and I give thanks for our progress. Now, as always, the ability to create a more just and caring country lies with us. Heartened by today’s decisions, may we recommit ourselves to this difficult but holy work.


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