The Bear Shops Here

Security camera footage of the bear in the Hayward, Wisconsin Marketplace Foods back in October 2009.
Back in 2009, shoppers in the Marketplace Foods store in Hayward got a shock one night when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside that store and headed right to the beer cooler.

Witnesses that evening say he climbed up onto a shelf, 12 feet off the floor, and sat there for about an hour while employees helped get customers out of the store. Wildlife officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tranquilized the bear and removed it from the premises and then released it into the wild the next day.

Onlookers say the bear seemed content to sit in the cooler — and they note that he didn’t drink any of the beer.

I was in Hayward this past weekend and visited the store. After almost four years since the bear visit occured, they still sell T-Shirts that say “The Bear Shops Here” and they also still mention it prominently on their website:



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