Repealing it for the 37.23th time (Wasting more time. More money.)

FYI: Republicans aren’t trying repealing all of Obamacare today, so they’re only repealing it for the 37.23th time.

Well, okay, it’s not full repeal this time around, but yes, the Republican House of Representatives is taking another day of the people’s business, on the people’s dime, to talk about how much they hate Obamacare.

One bill is essentially congressional approval of the Obama administration’s decision to delay the employer health insurance mandate. Republicans blasted the administration’s decision to delay that mandate by one year, in part because they said it shows Obama’s predilection to pick and choose which parts of various laws he wants to enforce.

But Republicans also argue that the administration is unfairly exempting companies from a critical element of ObamaCare, while forcing everyday Americans to comply with the requirement to buy health insurance. So, Republicans will vote on another bill that would delay the individual health insurance mandate for a year. […]

By the end of the day, the House will likely pass both bills, and send them to a Senate that will ignore them.

With two votes, that’s about $2.9 million down the drain today. But the nation can’t afford to provide food stamps.

Also in the Obamcare-hating House, the Ways and Means Committee is having a hearing (its second one) on the delay of the employer mandate.

Someone really needs to sequester the Republican House, and put them on unpaid furlough.

Someday, probably after we vote most of the time and money wasting GOPers out next year, a JOBS BILL can be passed. 

Via Kos


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