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If you answer “NO” to a majority of these questions, then you really have no reason to vote Republican:


Should billionaires be able to bribe politicians via lobbyists?
Should millionaires be able to bank offshore to avoid taxes?
Should US cut food programs for the poor, disabled and elderly?
Should US continue to subsidize corporations making billions?
Should US give tax breaks to corporations outsourcing jobs?
Should state Governments enact laws that are unconstitutional?
Should banks pay less interest on loans than students?
Should bank executives whose actions tanked the economy go free?
Should corporate CEOs pay less percentage of taxes than employees?
Should we ignore all scientific evidence of global warming?
Should US make laws based on religious beliefs of lawmakers?
Should the Senate minority have free reign to stop all legislation?
Should known criminals or domestic abusers be able to buy guns?
Should those with known mental health issues be able to buy guns?
Should peaceful protestors be arrested ignoring the 1st amendment?
Should rallies be allowed with many protestors carrying loaded guns?
Should dangerous industries go unregulated in the name of profit?
Should Congress be allowed to keep submitting the same failed bills?
Should hate speech and be allowed under the 1st amendment?
Should Congress take oaths of allegiance to special interest groups?
Should US give welfare to underpaid employees of billionaires?
Should employers be allowed to fire staff for protesting conditions?
Should legislators be able to pass laws with no public notice or input?
Should the news media be allowed to knowingly tell lies to the public?
Should those with insurance absorb medical costs of those without?
Should schools withhold vital life saving information from students?
Should schools teach religious theories in place of proven science?
Should bills pass that penalize US but monetarily benefit lawmakers?
Should US only subsidize fossil fuel and ignore renewable energy? 
Should US allow infrastructure to decay instead of investing in jobs?
Should US prevent working immigrants from a path to citizenship?
Should states be allowed to suppress and obstruct certain voters?
Should US be allowed to spend money citizens contributed into SS?
Should large corporations be absolved of liability for their actions?
Should drug companies be absolved of all liability for their products?
Should sentencing increase to accommodate private prison’s quotas?
Should fossil fuel production be allowed to poison drinking water?
Should a GMO food producer be allowed to operate without labeling? 
Should any two consenting adults be prevented from marriage?


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