It is Treason.



5 thoughts on “It is Treason.

  1. Jobs are NOT being cut. Taxes are actually lower than they have been in years. Congress passed Obamacare, pres signed it, SCOTUS upheld it, Obama campaigned on it 2nd time & was reelected… the cry baby republicans are actually going against the will of the people.

    Oh, i guess getting our healthcare system improved is not worth using any tax money on but spending millions and millions attempting to repeal the ACA 40+ times is money well spent. Listen, lets just agree to disagree and get on with our day. By the way, the WI dems wouldn’t have stalled if the shady GOP reps would have let hearings happen instead of ramming Act 10 through as quickly as possible. Sorry that Dems stand up for democracy and don’t want Repubs to stomp all over it at rapid speed.

    Im done. Really, I enjoy having you show up every day to comment on my posts… I do blog about more than politics if you’d like to comment on something else besides shit you obviously disagree with.

  2. Also… i think you meant to say Pot… Kettle… Black. Its not “the kettle calling the pot black”

  3. Well at least you pay attention to what else is being posted… and even an ass to me about that.

  4. Republicans insisting everything they say or hear that is anti-ACA is a “fact” is ‘typical’

  5. Also, is there something wrong with posting about new places to eat or drink. Am I unamerican for liking the microbrewpub mecca WI and your least favorite city in it, Madison is becoming?

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