Commenting on Posts: Its over…

Comment functionality is being removed from Fagan Around… At least from political posts in this heated political time.  It seems that in general the comments left by people that disagree with my posts are usually pretty sophomoric and attack-oriented.  I have come to learn that respectful, civil discourse is just as absent from WordPress as it is from the comments on newspaper websites and Facebook.  Its one thing to disagree its another thing to attack.  I won’t let Fagan Around be a part of that vitriolic stuff any longer.  I like to travel and blog about it. I like to try new restaurants and breweries and blog about those. I like to blog funny pictures. I am a proud liberal with an open mind and I like to blog about politics. If you like my posts, great. Keep reading them.  If you don’t like or don’t agree with what I am saying and posting, that is fine and you can move on to a blog that more suits your liking.


Ryan Fagan