What You’re Really Saying When You Say ‘Happy Holidays’

If the “War on Christmas” was a real thing, Neil deGrasse Tyson won it with an etymology knowledge-bomb.

Happy Holidays is actually an appropriate greeting for this time of year… Always has been (along with Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc etc…) and always will be.

Hey all you "War on Christmas" wackos... Happy Holidays is actually an appropriate greeting for this time of year!!

Hey all you “War on Christmas” people… Happy Holidays is actually an appropriate greeting for this time of year!!

Did You Hear The One About The Beer Bong Hitting Fleet Farm Exec\GOP House Candidate


Fleet Farm executive and House candidate Stewart Mills may be in his early forties and dreaming of being a member of Congress, but he parties like a long haired hockey playing frat boy!! 

In the photos, which were obtained by City Pages, Mills is shown guzzling from a beer bong and licking the lips of a woman who isn’t his wife. According to City Pages, the beer bong photos were posted on his wife’s Facebook page in 2009.

The photo of him licking the other woman was taken at a 2008 Christmas party and was “still publicly viewable on Facebook” when City Pages posted it, but it has since been taken down. It’s unclear who posted the photo on Facebook.

Mills, who is the likely challenger next year to Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, said in a statement that it’s “no secret that in the past I’ve let my hair down to have fun with family and friends.”

“My wife and I have had many lighthearted moments in our lives but right now I am focused on my Congressional campaign and the disastrous effects of our overreaching government and sky high unemployment in the north eastern Minnesota,” he said in the statement.

Don’t worry, Stewart… You will have plenty of time to hit the beer bong after you lose the election next November!

The 7 Types of Republicans and How to Debate Them

If you’ve ever spent time trying to discuss politics with a Republican you’ve probably noticed that there are several different types of Republicans, all with their own unique debating style. In this article I’m going to attempt to break down the seven types of Republicans, what’s wrong with their views, and how you should debate them. I’ll start with the most intelligent, and work my way down.

The Educated Republicans:

These are the rarest of all Republicans. Occasionally you will run into one in public or in a public forum online. These Republicans can be the most difficult to deal with. They have learned everything there is to know about their position… from a Republican perspective. They’ve educated themselves on all the reasons why their position is correct, and are not concerned with anything that contradicts their beliefs.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

Anyone with the Internet and five minutes can find something that thoroughly discredits their version of the “facts.” Even when confronted with contradictory facts, they continue to fall back on their original arguments; try to change the subject to something they are more comfortable talking about, or start expressing opinions with no factual merit.

What to remember when debating them:

Keep them on-topic. Don’t let them ignore your counterpoints and then change the subject on you. They’re masters of that, but if you can keep them on topic, eventually they will just start expressing opinions to which you can say “do you have any facts to back that up?”

Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio Republicans:

This is one of the angriest groups of Republicans. They watch Fox News or listen to conservative talk radio and they think it makes them an expert on politics. The only knowledge they have of politics are parroted talking points without any facts to back them up. When you defeat them in debate, they will resort to calling you names like “liberal,” “commie,” “socialist”; “baby-killer,” etc. They think all liberals are socialists who want to take their money and give it to people who don’t deserve it.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

They have no idea what they are talking about. Usually they’re just repeating things they’ve heard from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. They think that liberals want to take away their freedoms and they clearly don’t know what the word “liberal” means, or what liberals have contributed to our country and our freedoms. They think President Obama is comparable to Hitler for passing healthcare reform. They accuse you of watching MSNBC if you don’t agree with them. They call you a sheep but expect you to blindly believe everything they tell you, without question.

What to remember when debating them:

Keep demanding facts from them to back up their assertions until they break down and call you any of the aforementioned names. Ask them to name specific freedoms that liberals have taken away from them. They have a tendency to become violent so watch their hands if you are debating them face to face.

Christian Republicans:

These Republicans are hypocrites. They do everything in the name of Christ, while simultaneously acting as un-Christlike as humanly possible. They support the right to carry assault weapons, are pro-war, and completely ignore the fact that the Bible depicts Christ as a liberal who was opposed to capitalism and violence. They sincerely believe that this is God’s country and that God loves us Americans more than anyone else in the world. They think that anyone who is not 100 percent pro-Israel is anti-Semitic. They hate everyone who doesn’t agree with them and think the Bible tells them to… and they hate gay people because they think they are sinners.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

They do terrible things in the name of their Lord. They think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is damned to hell or hates America. They believe that we are a Christian nation even though the Founding Fathers made sure they did not brand this country as a Christian nation. The Founding Fathers wanted a country of religious freedom, free from religious persecution, but these Republicans will never admit that.

What to remember when debating them:

There’s a list of all the quotes that prove our Founding Fathers wanted a country of religious freedom. The link is HERE. Another thing to remember is that the Christian Right is neither. Start asking them questions like “how would Jesus feel about war?” “how would Jesus feel about assault rifles?” or “do you REALLY think that America is God’s favorite country, in the ENTIRE universe?” And, of course, these questions should yield a response that thoroughly proves that they are hypocrites, and continuing to argue with them would be a waste of time.

Tea Party Republicans:

These Republicans are a dumbed-down combination of the previous two groups of Republicans. They think Sarah Palin is intelligent and it’s the media filter’s fault that she looks so stupid. They think Reagan was fiscally conservative even though he tripled the deficit. They watch Fox News religiously, and think Glenn Beck is credible. They don’t understand why people think they’re racist while they’re standing next to people holding racist signs. They protest higher taxes even though taxes have gone down for 95 percent of working families since President Obama took office.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

They parrot Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin talking points. When you discredit one thing they say, they immediately move on to the next subject. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a socialist, even though they can’t give you the actual definition of socialism. Many of them are on Medicare while protesting “socialism.” They have never met a socialist, so they have no idea what socialists believe. They think liberals are socialists and socialists are Nazis.

What to remember when debating them:

They have no idea what they’re talking about. Ask them to prove what they are saying. If you ask them a question and they respond with another question, refuse to answer their question until they answer yours. Don’t back down. Remind them that taxes have actually been lowered for 95 percent of working families. If debating them in public, be careful because they are known to carry guns in places they don’t need them, like public parks and bars and churches.

Birther Republicans:

The birthers think that Obama was born in Kenya. No matter how much evidence you present that is contradictory to that thesis, they will continue to insist that he is not the legitimate president. They are sore-losers because McCain lost the election in 2008 – even though President Obama has won reelection since then. They will never support Obama, even if he paid off the entire national debt.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

They think Obama was born in Kenya. They think that Orly Taitz, who grew up in a communist country, is credible, and that Obama is a socialist. They think Donald Trump is a smart guy. They think that Obama’s birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers were propagated over 40 years in advance of his election, just so that he could be elected someday.

What to remember when debating them:

Don’t waste your time. You could wave Obama’s actual birth certificate in their face and they would still say it’s a fake. They are sore-losers and they will never be happy as long as Obama is president. Make jokes asking to see their birth certificates, or Sarah Palin’s birth certificate. This is the best way to get them to go away.

Racist Republicans:

[DISCLAIMER: I am putting this one almost last for a reason. I do NOT think all Republicans are racists. I have Republican family members who are not racist. This section is only about the small percentage of Republicans who are ACTUALLY racist, because they do exist. I’m not “playing the race card” or “race-baiting,” I’m just describing a small group of racists who also affiliate themselves with the Republican Party]

Racist Republicans hate Obama because he’s black. They think that all Muslims are terrorists. They think Obama is a terrorist Muslim. They think anyone with a name like Obama’s is a terrorist.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

They’re racist, but they think Obama is a racist. They can’t understand why people call them racists when they post racist pictures or racist comments and then claim not to be racist. Whenever they possibly can, they will call you a racist, to hide the fact that they are actually racists.

What to remember when debating them:

They’re racists. Racists are uneducated bigots. You would have a much easier time convincing an apple tree to start growing oranges.

Extremely Uneducated Republicans:

These Republicans are Republicans because they think it’s cool. They have a Republican friend in one of the other groups listed, so they think they know what they’re talking about. They have terrible spelling and grammar but they expect you to believe whatever they say because they are saying it to you.

The problem with this type of Republican’s views:

It’s hard to tell if they ever made it past the 4th grade. Most of their posts are illegible. They don’t know anything about their position other than what they have heard their friends say. They think Republicans are fiscally conservative because they say that they are, and call anyone who doesn’t agree with them “sheep.” They ignore all historical information that is contradictory to what they say. They are 100 percent blind to facts.

What to remember when debating them:

No amount of facts or logic will ever convince them that their buddies are wrong. You could be a college professor and they will still think your facts aren’t credible. Instead of trying to argue with them, try explaining algebra to your dog. I’m sure it will be much more productive.

Hopefully this has been an informative resource for you. I hope you will remember some of the things I have said the next time you are engaged in a debate with a Republican. There’s definitely an overlap between several of these types, so you may have to utilize several different tactics to debate them.

Associated Bank Express launches in 12 Days

Rendering of the new Express branch concept opening at 640 University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin

Associated Bank is launching a new “Express Branch” on December 2nd at 640 University Ave in Madison, Wisconsin.  Updates and more information for those that are interested can be found by following the District Manager of the Madison West  district of Associated Bank on Twitter @StevenEspo78

Location of Associated Bank's first Express Branch.  Opening December 2, 2013

Location of Associated Bank’s first Express Branch. Opening December 2, 2013

Madison History: Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Last Monday I was bored on my day off and I decided to go film some historical stuff.  I remembered there is this old synagogue in James Madison Park here in Madison.  Dating back to the 1860’s and moved to it’s present location in the 1970’s, it is one of the oldest synagogue buildings in the US. Now it is owned by the city of Madison and is rented out for events.


More information about Gates of Heaven can be found on the City of Madison website.

The Cult of “Republicanity”

It’s no secret that I don’t believe many conservatives are actually Christians.  And I damn sure don’t believe the GOP represents real Christianity at all.

So I think I will use the term “Republicanity” as the religion I believe these people actually worship. 

Republicanity is a blend of cult-like religious beliefs mixed with political ideologies.  It’s neither a true political party, nor a real religion—it’s both.  It’s why so many conservatives cling to being a Republican as tightly as they do being a “Christian.”  To many of these individuals, they treat their devotion to their political beliefs with the same conviction as they do their faith.

For them to dare question Republican talking points is tantamount to questioning their belief in God.

See, real Christianity is predicated on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  You know, that whole helping the poor; giving to the needy; accepting one another; loving thy neighbor; forgiveness; hope and not judging others.  Basically, principles that aren’t beholden to one specific faith or religion — instead, they’re what I think are representative of good human beings.

You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in the values for which Christianity stands.   The values I believe in transcend religion to the very heart of human kindness and decency.  I believe people of other religions — or of no religious affiliation whatsoever — can share these common values as good people.

Yet, when it comes to many conservatives, they don’t represent any of these values.  Their entire political movement is based on fear, hatred, judgment, anger, paranoia and disdain for those who are different.

Hell, the only “Biblical” values I ever see followed by many of these people is their opposition to homosexuality, abortion and church attendance.  (By the way, all three of those are issues which Jesus Christ never spoke about.)

See, you can say the Bible is your book, without actually being a Christian.  Jews aren’t considered Christians, but they believe in God and follow the Bible.

What conservatives have is a “religion,” if you will, built by two completely contradicting systems of belief.  First, their political ideology comes from Ayn Rand — someone who thought religion was stupid and those who followed it were idiots Then their social ideology is taken from a few handpicked excerpts from the Bible.

The reason why I view these people more like cult followers than anything else stems from the fact that their economic and social ideologies are complete contradictions of one another.  How does it make any sense to claim religious “moral” principles socially while at the same time supporting economic policies created by someone who opposed all forms of religion?

It makes absolutely no sense.  In fact, the only way anyone could believe such idiocy is if they were a part of some brainwashed cult following.

Think about it.  These people really believe they follow Jesus Christ by hating most anyone who isn’t just like them.  They really think that Jesus Christ — someone who spent his life helping the poor and the needy — would support massive cuts to programs that help the poor and the needy while protecting tax breaks for the rich.

These are people who complain constantly about their quality of life, then vote for Republican politicians who support policies which make their quality of life worse.

Many of these people base their entire spirituality off church attendance and how much they hate gay people.  Because, you know, same-sex marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage — according to millions of conservative heterosexuals who’ve been divorced (often multiple times).

When I think of all the idiocy and contradiction within the conservative movement, “cult” is about the only term that properly describes what I see day in and day out with conservatives, because they’re damn sure not Christians.

They belong to a cult I call Republicanity.

A Look at the Abysmal Voting Record Republicans Have in Support of our Military

There are millions of conservative Americans in this country who I fully believe have the utmost respect for the brave men and women who’ve served, or are currently serving, in our armed forces.

That being said, the party which they support clearly does not.

Sure, Republicans will talk at great lengths about the endless respect they show for our military and our veterans, but it’s mostly all hollow propaganda.

This is the party whose president lied about the Iraq War, a lie which resulted in over 4,000 men and women being sent to their deaths.  A war which produced exactly zero weapons of mass destruction — the whole premise for going to war to begin with.  Even after 4,000 American soldiers have been killed and absolutely no weapons of mass destruction were found, George W. Bush still refuses to apologize for his lie that took us to war.

I’m sure many of you remember the GOP presidential primary debate when a gay member of the United States Army was booed by conservatives in the crowd — booing that wasn’t condemned by a single candidate — while he was currently serving in Iraq.  These parasites booed a soldier who was currently deployed in Iraq simply because he was gay.  That’s bad enough, but then not one single Republican candidate had the courage to condemn the reprehensible response from the crowd.

Then there’s that time when Republicans killed the Veterans’ Job Corps Act that would have provided assistance for the hundreds of thousands of unemployed veterans in the United States.

We also can’t forget the cross the board cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that will reduce the amount of benefits over 900,000 veterans receive.  Oh, and Republicans are also pushing for another nearly $40 billion in cuts to the program.

Or last year when a GOP Senator blocked a cost-of-living adjustment for veterans.

Heck, Daily Kos has a nice rundown of 7 bills Republicans have fairly recently rejected in Congress:

    H.R. 466-Wounded Veteran Job Security Act: A bill that would have prevented employers from terminating veterans who were getting treatment for injuries suffered while fighting for our country.

    H.R. 1168-Veterans Retraining Act: Would have helped veterans find jobs and provide training for them while they sought employment.

     H.R. 1171-Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization: Would have helped homeless vets get back on their feet by providing temporary training for employment and programs to help them get off the streets.

    H.R. 1172: No fancy name, would have just put a section on the VA website of schools currently offering scholarships for veterans.

    H.R. 1293-Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009: Would have helped those overcoming injuries sustained while fighting for our country improve their living conditions.

    H.R. 1803-Veterans Business  Center Act: This would have set up centers veterans could have visited that would have helped them better plan our future employment and business opportunities.

    H.R. 2352-Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act: A combination of other bills killed in Congress by Republicans—that was once again killed by Republicans in Congress.

We can’t ignore the Republican-forced shutdown that almost led to the inability of our government to cover disability and pension payments to veterans and surviving spouses, and also will have to halt GI Bill payments for education expenses.

And let’s not forget about the story detailing several states that are forcing members of the National Guard to sometimes drive hours to register for benefits, simply because they’re homosexuals in a same-sex marriage.  These states aren’t allowing them to simply register at any military base.  Nope.  They’re making them register on federal bases because they believe their state has the right to refuse to register members of our military for benefits if they’re involved in a same-sex relationship.

There’s more, but I’ll just stop at that because I believe my point has been made.

On this Veteran’s Day, you’ll undoubtedly hear glowing praise from Republicans about the courageous service our veterans have given to this country and the respect they have for all past and present members of our military. 

Sadly, for many Republican politicians, their voting history tells a much different story.