i24 News – A new international news network broadcasting from Israel

Launched this past week, i24 News is a new 24/7 international news network based in Israel

Launched this past week, i24 News is a new 24/7 international news network based in Israel

i24 aims at news junkies worldwide who are interested in the Middle East. It will broadcast simultaneously in English, French and Arabic, according to i24 founder and CEO Frank Melloul.

There are no plans to broadcast in Hebrew, reflecting the channel’s focus on an international audience, rather than the domestic one.  The goal for i24 is to show a different side of Israel, especially to people who may have a negative view of the country.

The new channel is streamed live 24 hours a day online. It is also broadcast via satellite across the Middle East, and in Europe, Asia and Africa. The channel is aiming to launch on U.S. satellite and cable frequencies in January 2014.

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Headlines you won’t read today

• Republicans win fight to block CFPB head Cordray confirmation
• In wake of Zimmerman trial, prosecuting attorneys hospitalized for overexertion
• Colorado secession movement praised for intellectual, emotional maturity
• GOP senate primary in Wyoming to be calm, uneventful
• Middle child gets all the attention
• NSA to hold open house, bake sale Saturday
• Cleanup crews evacuate area and surround waterways with boom to contain wind spill
• Speaker Boehner introduces federal jobs bill
• Man opens bag of Cracker Jack, finds peanuts evenly spread throughout
• William and Kate welcome twins Yerp and Derp
• Gay rights movement grinds to a halt as ex-gay rally draws thousands
• Coat hanger industry weighs in on abortion fight
• Sequester inconveniences congressman
• Rich Lowry makes a good point
• More Democrats than Republicans booked on Sunday morning shows
• Cows admit role in global warming, form climate task force
• Snowden praises Moscow airport food



I Better Move Back to Minnesota

While Scott Walker has been sucking the life out of anything that could possibly aid in creating jobs in the state of Wisconsin, our neighbor to the west is in the middle of an economic boom.

Minnesota gained more jobs in the last 6 months than in any half-year since Reagan was president, personal incomes grew more last year than just about all other states, and the medium income in Minnesota is among the highest in the nation.

While all that has been happening in Minnesota, Wisconsin shed more jobs than any other state in 2011 and 2012.

GDP here last year grew by 3.5 percent compared to 2011, which is a full percentage point above than the national average of 2.5 percent. With a total GDP of $253 billion, the Minnesota economy clocked in as the 17th largest in the country.

Image by Tatiana Craine

Image by Tatiana Craine

Premium McWrap: A Review

Recently I was awarded a Klout Perk that was a $5 McDonald’s gift card.  With this gift card I was to go down to one of my 250 (slight exaggeration) local McDonald’s locations and try one of the new Premium McWraps. I decided to head over today to the McDonald’s located about one block from my apartment and try the Chicken and Ranch one… With grilled chicken, of course.



As you can see above, there are three Premium McWraps to choose from. All three can have crispy or grilled chicken.
1. Chicken and Bacon
2. Sweet Chili Chicken
3. Chicken and Ranch

As I said before, I chose Chicken and Ranch… I like chicken. I like ranch. It made perfect damn sense then, now didn’t it?


I was happy to see that it really is a decent sized wrap. Whenever I have seen a commercial I thought that McDonald’s was using the magic of television to make it look big but then in actuality I would get one sometime and see that it was only slightly larger than a Snack Wrap. Nope. The actual product matches what you see on television.


Now, as for the full ingredient specs, we have grilled chicken breast filet with two half slices of tomato, cucumber slices, spring greens, shredded lettuce and cheddar jack cheese, all drizzled with seasoned rice vinegar and buttermilk ranch sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. It was impressive for McDonald’s.


It was a mouthful (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID). It really was tasty. I would get it again. I recommend trying it. Not bad. Well done McDonald’s. You now have a product that I could see on an Applebee’s menu. Now, I said Applebee’s… Lets take that as a compliment in this instance, ok!?


Also, check out my view from the booth. Amazing. A strip mall in Middleton, Wisconsin. Drink. It. In.


Premium McWrap Chicken & Ranch (Grilled)
Grilled Chicken Fillet
Flour Tortilla
Shredded Lettuce
Tomato Slice
Shredded Cheddar/Jack Cheese
Spring Mix
Buttermilk Ranch Sauce*
Seasoned Rice Vinegar
420 Calories
Calories from Fat 140 Dietary Fiber 3g (11%) Calcium 170mg (15%)
Saturated Fat 6g (29%) Sugars 5g Iron 3.5mg (20%)
Trans Fat 0g Vitamin A 620IU (10%) Vitamin C 8mg (15%)
Cholesterol 80mg (27%)
Serving Size9.4 oz (266 g)

A Blog About My “Side Business”

By day, I am a banker.  By night, I develop social media feeds for small businesses and non-profits in the Midwest.  I think that now that I am blogging again for fun, I should do a shameless plug for my social media business, Fagan Social Media.  I consider myself to be a self described “social media junkie” and offer professional consulting in setting up and managing social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare) on the internet. I can develop a strategy that will compliment your current marketing plan to develop an on online voice for your business.  To learn more, head on over to http://www.fagansocialmedia.com

Now…  Enough about business… I will get back to blogging on this site.Image