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As you may or may not know, I am a blogger for The Jerusalem Post, which is the major daily English-language newspaper in Israel. My blog, The Chosen Frozen, appears on their website, I blog about Judaism, life as a convert, politics, diaspora issues and events, and much more. Check it out at


I Voted.



Through April 30th 2015, the World Zionist Organization is holding open voting for all jews to help shape its agenda, including issues affecting both Diaspora Jews and the state of affairs in Israel. The World Zionist Congress is the highest legislative body of the World Zionist Organization, which provides a forum for all the world’s Jews to come together and deliberate about critical issues.

Every Jew has the opportunity to vote for the platform that most aligns with their personal views, and I voted for ARZA.

A vote for ARZA is a vote for:

– Women’s Rights & Gender Equality

-Religious Equality

-Regional Security


Auto Awesome Western Wall


Funny that when I was in Israel last year, Google’s ‘Auto Awesome’ feature would do weird things like put snow flakes onto pictures of the Tel Aviv beach, but now a year later is actually pulling the pics I took and making them ACTUALLY AWESOME.  Check out this black and white treatment it gave a pic I took of the Western Wall last February.

Madison History: Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Last Monday I was bored on my day off and I decided to go film some historical stuff.  I remembered there is this old synagogue in James Madison Park here in Madison.  Dating back to the 1860’s and moved to it’s present location in the 1970’s, it is one of the oldest synagogue buildings in the US. Now it is owned by the city of Madison and is rented out for events.


More information about Gates of Heaven can be found on the City of Madison website.

Hebrew word of the day / Niagara

In Israel it means something other than "stunningly beautiful waterfall between America and Ontario."

In Israel it means something other than “stunningly beautiful waterfall between America and Ontario.”

Niagara Falls, straddling the border between the United States and Ontario, is one of the grandest waterfalls in the world, and boasts the speediest flow rate. Actually it’s three waterfalls, but why nitpick.

This natural phenomenon was formed eons ago as the Wisconsin Glacier receded. Water flooding from the Great Lakes carved a path through the rock on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, Niagara attracts around 20 million tourists per year. The natural wonder is also exploited to generate massive amounts of hydroelectric power.

Wonder of the world it may be, but bring up Niagara in Israel, and the reaction may be other than awe; in Israel, that is the term for a toilet’s water tank.

Yes, indeed. How and why the noble waterfalls came to lend their name to flush-toilet tanks in Israel is unclear.

Disrespectful? Maybe. But come to think about it, naming bathroom fixtures after world wonders has its charm. What about re-naming the bidet: Old Faithful?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

From Haaretz