Check Out the Food Prices @ Augusta National

The practice rounds at Augusta National are underway! Yes, that time of year has arrived. The Masters Tournament at Augusta National in Georgia. Now, you would expect that for an event like The Masters that food and drinks would be GROSSLY overpriced, but the truth is actually contrary to that! In fact, the prices are INCREDIBLE!


I almost forgot to share: November 16th in Green Bay

Nothing beats a Sunday @ Lambeau Field.


Lambeau Field




Go Packers!


Home of Champions!






Went to Lambeau field on 11/16 in Green Bay.  Watched the Packers beat the Eagles. 

Coming Soon: Worm Burner Golf


Worm Burner Golf is launching a full site soon. This is the Google AdWords ad floating around Google now.

A new website is launching soon that will be THE place for average golfers to visit and see the latest golf clubs and equipment get reviewed.  Reviews in plain English for the average golfer.

For now, visit the landing page, follow them on Twitter, and get excited.

One Time I Went to A Timber Rattlers Game in Appleton

This post is for an adoring fan of mine who likes to comment on my political posts and call them all “propaganda” since we all know that if you don’t agree with something you can call it “propaganda” and that means it is automatically not true and all hearsay and that whatever you say in response is definitely fact and NOT “propaganda”… Right… Whatever… Oh well…

He also doesn’t like posts about food or microbreweries… or technology I assume… Oh, and if I try to connect with my friends and family in Minnesota it is “crap” So, lets try sports. I went to a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game on May 5, 2012. I had never been to one so I thought “why not?” since I like MiLB baseball.



It was pretty fun. The T-Rats won and I had the opportunity to dig in a sandbox to try and win a vacation.

Upgraded at Target Field

Yesterday my wife and I went to a Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis.  We bought the cheap seats as usual, but then I discovered that using the At the Ballpark app on my phone can allow me to upgrade my seats for a little bit of money.  I logged in, put in my ticket seat info, and then it offered me an upgrade from my Section 307 seats (which were $11 seats) to Section 107 for just $9 dollars more per seat!

Here is how that offer turned out:




Here is a panoramic pic… Why the hell not, eh?!?

Target Field panorama

This is the closest I have sat to the field at an MLB game since my first Wrigley Field experience back in 2000

Pretty sweet, huh…  $60 seats for basically $20 each