Madison History: Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Last Monday I was bored on my day off and I decided to go film some historical stuff.  I remembered there is this old synagogue in James Madison Park here in Madison.  Dating back to the 1860’s and moved to it’s present location in the 1970’s, it is one of the oldest synagogue buildings in the US. Now it is owned by the city of Madison and is rented out for events.


More information about Gates of Heaven can be found on the City of Madison website.


i24 News – A new international news network broadcasting from Israel

Launched this past week, i24 News is a new 24/7 international news network based in Israel

Launched this past week, i24 News is a new 24/7 international news network based in Israel

i24 aims at news junkies worldwide who are interested in the Middle East. It will broadcast simultaneously in English, French and Arabic, according to i24 founder and CEO Frank Melloul.

There are no plans to broadcast in Hebrew, reflecting the channel’s focus on an international audience, rather than the domestic one.  The goal for i24 is to show a different side of Israel, especially to people who may have a negative view of the country.

The new channel is streamed live 24 hours a day online. It is also broadcast via satellite across the Middle East, and in Europe, Asia and Africa. The channel is aiming to launch on U.S. satellite and cable frequencies in January 2014.

Check it out here

What’s Actually Inside: Coffee

Did you happen to know that the average cup of coffee is actually 98 percent water? In the video below, Wired Magazine explores what’s in the other two percent. Some of the compounds include things like 2-ethylphenol, which is actually a pheromone in cockroaches, and trigonelline, which gives coffee its earthy taste. And of course, there’s that wonderful thing called caffeine.

Learn about what you’re drinking:

Storm drain turns into a geyser in Minneapolis

On Sunday, a storm drain on 25th and Como Avenues in Minneapolis burst from the ground during a torrential downpour, resulting in a curbside geyser for this residential street (shown above).  When water pressure builds in the sewers during heavy rain, it is not uncommon for a storm drain to burst free from the curb and for this to occur, according to  a man who answered the Sewer and Storm Drain Hotline but declined to provide his name because he was not authorized to speak in an official capacity. “The storm drains just aren’t in the proper condition to hold that much water.”