Did You Hear The One About The Beer Bong Hitting Fleet Farm Exec\GOP House Candidate


Fleet Farm executive and House candidate Stewart Mills may be in his early forties and dreaming of being a member of Congress, but he parties like a long haired hockey playing frat boy!! 

In the photos, which were obtained by City Pages, Mills is shown guzzling from a beer bong and licking the lips of a woman who isn’t his wife. According to City Pages, the beer bong photos were posted on his wife’s Facebook page in 2009.

The photo of him licking the other woman was taken at a 2008 Christmas party and was “still publicly viewable on Facebook” when City Pages posted it, but it has since been taken down. It’s unclear who posted the photo on Facebook.

Mills, who is the likely challenger next year to Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, said in a statement that it’s “no secret that in the past I’ve let my hair down to have fun with family and friends.”

“My wife and I have had many lighthearted moments in our lives but right now I am focused on my Congressional campaign and the disastrous effects of our overreaching government and sky high unemployment in the north eastern Minnesota,” he said in the statement.

Don’t worry, Stewart… You will have plenty of time to hit the beer bong after you lose the election next November!