I want to marry you in Minneapolis

This. Is. Awesome.  Go Minneapolis!  I was sitting on my lunch break today reading this week’s issue of the Isthmus and I saw this full page ad regarding LGBT wedding opportunities in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis is rolling out the red carpet to all the same sex couples that are looking to get married.  It is great to see them getting the word out to other like-minded cities in the region that don’t currently have the same opportunities available for the loving, committed couples looking to get married. 

Mayor Rybak is a great guy for getting this tourism/wedding campaign going.  It will be awesome to see the great economic impact all these “destination weddings” to Minnesota will have on the state.


By the way, The Hotel Minneapolis is an excellent hotel.  I have stayed there.  Exceptional service, convenient to the light rail, and in the middle of the walk friendly downtown.