Did You Hear The One About The Beer Bong Hitting Fleet Farm Exec\GOP House Candidate


Fleet Farm executive and House candidate Stewart Mills may be in his early forties and dreaming of being a member of Congress, but he parties like a long haired hockey playing frat boy!! 

In the photos, which were obtained by City Pages, Mills is shown guzzling from a beer bong and licking the lips of a woman who isn’t his wife. According to City Pages, the beer bong photos were posted on his wife’s Facebook page in 2009.

The photo of him licking the other woman was taken at a 2008 Christmas party and was “still publicly viewable on Facebook” when City Pages posted it, but it has since been taken down. It’s unclear who posted the photo on Facebook.

Mills, who is the likely challenger next year to Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, said in a statement that it’s “no secret that in the past I’ve let my hair down to have fun with family and friends.”

“My wife and I have had many lighthearted moments in our lives but right now I am focused on my Congressional campaign and the disastrous effects of our overreaching government and sky high unemployment in the north eastern Minnesota,” he said in the statement.

Don’t worry, Stewart… You will have plenty of time to hit the beer bong after you lose the election next November!


I want to marry you in Minneapolis

This. Is. Awesome.  Go Minneapolis!  I was sitting on my lunch break today reading this week’s issue of the Isthmus and I saw this full page ad regarding LGBT wedding opportunities in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis is rolling out the red carpet to all the same sex couples that are looking to get married.  It is great to see them getting the word out to other like-minded cities in the region that don’t currently have the same opportunities available for the loving, committed couples looking to get married. 

Mayor Rybak is a great guy for getting this tourism/wedding campaign going.  It will be awesome to see the great economic impact all these “destination weddings” to Minnesota will have on the state.


By the way, The Hotel Minneapolis is an excellent hotel.  I have stayed there.  Exceptional service, convenient to the light rail, and in the middle of the walk friendly downtown.

5 months and 240 posts later

Fagan Around in it’s current form celebrated 5 months as a blog this past Friday, September 13th. Now for our 241st post I wanted to link up to the post that started it all… a post that celebrated a milestone in this country of ours… a post that celebrated a great day in Minnesota, a state I hold dear to my heart.

Check out our first post ever, Hurrah Minnesota

Upgraded at Target Field

Yesterday my wife and I went to a Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis.  We bought the cheap seats as usual, but then I discovered that using the At the Ballpark app on my phone can allow me to upgrade my seats for a little bit of money.  I logged in, put in my ticket seat info, and then it offered me an upgrade from my Section 307 seats (which were $11 seats) to Section 107 for just $9 dollars more per seat!

Here is how that offer turned out:




Here is a panoramic pic… Why the hell not, eh?!?

Target Field panorama

This is the closest I have sat to the field at an MLB game since my first Wrigley Field experience back in 2000

Pretty sweet, huh…  $60 seats for basically $20 each

T-Paw Jokes About Punching a Homeless Woman

Former Minnesota Gov and POTUS candidate longshot Tim Pawlenty has been receiving some blowback today for “joking” on Twitter about throwing punches at a homeless woman who was recently arrested for vandalizing several D.C. landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial.

Here is the tweet:



Here is some of the blowback:



I think another thing that is legitimately offensive is Tim Pawlenty trying to be funny. Like, ever.  Just stop, T-Paw. You are bad at funny; please stop butchering it. Go back to fishing, or whatever it is you do when you’re not busy failing at funny or failing at governing (last I heard it was fishing).