I almost forgot to share: November 16th in Green Bay

Nothing beats a Sunday @ Lambeau Field.


Lambeau Field




Go Packers!


Home of Champions!






Went to Lambeau field on 11/16 in Green Bay.  Watched the Packers beat the Eagles. 

Scott Walker Might Be “Called” to Run for President

My take on this… And Scott Walker in general:

Scott Walker doesn’t have a chance in hell of even a serious run for the Presidency. His purpose is to be the new Newt Gingrich—constantly running for office/the Presidency—but simply fundraising for himself/living off donations— and the Right wing causes he espouses. Basically, he’ll live off of donations for the rest of his life—That’s Walker’s goal.

Walker is a classic Grifter/a complete Fraud.


Last Monday > This Monday

Last week Monday was greater than today in terms of Mondays…



Last Monday:

Monday Morning: February 10th, 2014

Monday Morning in Tel Aviv, Israel: February 10th, 2014

 This Morning:

Morning in Fitchburg, Wisconsin: February 17, 2014

Morning in Fitchburg, Wisconsin: February 17, 2014

So I think it is pretty obvious why Last Monday > This Monday.

Any Questions?

Associated Bank Express launches in 12 Days

Rendering of the new Express branch concept opening at 640 University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin

Associated Bank is launching a new “Express Branch” on December 2nd at 640 University Ave in Madison, Wisconsin.  Updates and more information for those that are interested can be found by following the District Manager of the Madison West  district of Associated Bank on Twitter @StevenEspo78

Location of Associated Bank's first Express Branch.  Opening December 2, 2013

Location of Associated Bank’s first Express Branch. Opening December 2, 2013

Madison History: Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Last Monday I was bored on my day off and I decided to go film some historical stuff.  I remembered there is this old synagogue in James Madison Park here in Madison.  Dating back to the 1860’s and moved to it’s present location in the 1970’s, it is one of the oldest synagogue buildings in the US. Now it is owned by the city of Madison and is rented out for events.


More information about Gates of Heaven can be found on the City of Madison website.

Associated Bank launching “Express Branch” concept


By the beginning of December, Associated Bank is going to be launching a new “Express” concept branch after converting an existing branch to this new concept at 640 University Ave in Madison, WI.  Above is a rendering of this new branch.

The front half of the branch will have 24 hour ATM access.